Ways to Stay Safe When Answering Craigslist Ads

On one hand, Craigslist is a very powerful and useful tool. You can quickly and easily find advertisements for just about anything, from second-hand furniture, to odd jobs, to spare rooms to rent, to personal ads. However at the same time, the anonymous and detached nature of Craigslist also makes it highly dangerous as well. At the end of the day you don’t know who you’re dealing with, and many unfortunate individuals have been ripped off, pranked, and even killed when answering online ads.

The internet being highly decentralised and essentially faceless in, the methods of remaining safe there are still a fairly new art. However there are a few ways to stay safe when answering Craigslist ads, not just to protect you from fraud, but potentially from injury.

Never Disclose Personal Information

Never give out details of a personal nature when dealing with someone you’ve met from Craigslist. Do not arrange to meet at a private residence, and do not use personal e-mails. You should also never give highly secure information such as your social security number, bank details, or home or business addresses — there is really almost no reason any of these should be relevant to the person you’re contacting.

Any ads or sellers who ask this information of you should be regarded as highly suspect, and promptly avoided.

Arrange Meetings in Public Spaces

When arranging a meeting, choose somewhere public and highly visible. This is especially important for personal ads. Doing so will enable you to meet with your contact in person, and assess for yourself whether the association is something you wish to pursue. It also means that, if you’re attacked, you can expect immediate assistance from surrounding bystanders and a lot of witnesses to help identify and testify against your assailant. Never meet at home, and never meet at night.

Something to note is that police departments are usually happy to host meetings of this sort, and they’re always open 24/7. So keep that in mind if you’re not sure of an appropriate venue for a meeting, or if you’re planning to exchange a high-value item.

Naturally, if your contact insists on meeting somewhere isolated and private, break off communications immediately. There’s no real justification for not arranging a friendly public meeting first before anything is settled.

Make Sure Someone Knows Where You Are

Whenever you go out, always make sure you let a friend or family member know where you’re headed. If you’re answering a personal ad, you don’t have to go into details, but even so, make sure people knows your last whereabouts.

If the situation allows for it, have a trusted friend or family member accompany you. There is safety in numbers, and it means you also have another witness for things such as business transactions, which could prove very useful if you need to take matters to court later.

Trust Your Instincts and Always Have a Phone

If something seems off or suspicious about the deal, break it off immediately. The easiest way to stay safe when answering ads on Craigslist is to exercise good judgement and to be unafraid of breaking things off if you’re uncomfortable. Nothing is worth losing hard-earned money or worse — your life. So better it ends there than somewhere more unfortunate.

In the case of an emergency, having a cell phone can be lifesaving. If nothing else, it means you can call for a cab home if you find you need one. In more desperate circumstances, it means you can call 911 for emergency assistance or a personal injury firm such as Heil Law if you need it.

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Do I really need a personal injury lawyer?

The answer is, probably.  When you are the victim of an accident, there are two things you should know.  First, nearly all lawsuits settle out of court before they ever go to trial.  Second, if you choose to negotiate directly with the insurance company (which you can do) you are going up against professionals with a wealth of experience in settling these matters out of court to their advantage.  They have their shareholders’ interests at stake, and they will do what needs to be done to protect that.  So, while you don’t strictly need to hire a personal injury lawyer such as those at Guzzo Law there are lots of good reasons why you should.

Personal injury lawyers in Ontario are educated and trained to negotiate on your behalf so that you receive a fair and reasonable settlement in your claims against the insurance company.  If this means going to court, a personal injury lawyer will go your best advocate and give you the best chance of a favourable outcome.

You may think you don’t need a lawyer if you aren’t going to go to court, but that’s not necessarily true.  The legal system in Canada is very complex, and it can be a challenge for the average person to understand exactly how they need to proceed to ensure they get the best outcome, whether they go to court or agree to a settlement.  Remember:  There is no A plus B equals C formula that predetermines how much settlement you are entitled to receive.  It doesn’t work that way.  In many cases, the party with the more skilled lawyer will see the better outcome in these cases.  Hiring a personal injury lawyer gives you a much better chance of getting what you deserve.

When you hire a personal injury lawyer to help you with your claim, you get the benefit of their in-depth knowing of the legal system, particularly of the relevant personal injury laws that could be at play in your situation.  They will know the steps you need to take and how to get the best possible outcome.  If you do decide to settle out of court, they can guide you in terms of what settlements to take and which to pass on, giving you assistance throughout the entire process.

Of course, the decision whether to hire a lawyer in any situation is strictly yours.  You do not strictly need a personal injury lawyer.  You can negotiate with the other party (more specifically, with their lawyers) yourself, but you are immediately putting yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t.  Insurance companies have a sophisticated legal team who can quite likely out-negotiate you.  They have the knowledge and experience that you are lacking and that could mean you might end up settling for less money than you might otherwise have gotten had you hired a lawyer.  Give yourself the best chance and hire a personal injury lawyer the next time you are in an accident.

What to Expect When Filing a Social Security Disability Claim

If you plan to apply for Social Security Disability by yourself, the process can be handled in one of three ways — in person (visiting a local Social Security office), online or over telephone.

Initiating the disability application process

It can be hard to decide which application method is the most convenient. For anyone who doesn’t need much guidance, the online application method is the most hassle-free. If you’re like most people, though, you will need help with the process. If you do, you have the option of visiting the Social Security office in person, or seeking help over the phone.

Making a personal visit to the Social Security office for help can be tiresome. You can’t make an appointment over the phone. You need to go early in the morning, and wait several hours in line. You will then need to return on a later date for your actual appointment.

If you call over the phone, you can get all the help you need without having to make an appointment. The trouble with this option is that the office usually has so many people calling for help that you never get through. You can try calling the moment the office opens in the morning, though; you’ll usually get through if you try a few times. Calling in for help, then, may be the best way to get the process started for many people.

Getting a lawyer

The fourth option is to use a lawyer with specific experience with social security disability claims. Statistically, the guidance of an attorney results in significantly improved chances of winning. A lawyer can help in a number of ways. To begin, you will receive advice about the strength of your case.

Using a lawyer to move your application through the system can speed things up considerably, too — not because lawyers have friends in high places, but because they can help you take advantage of provisions that allow expedited processing. For instance, if you have a serious medical condition, the rules allow you to request a quick decision.

If your application is granted in the initial stage, the legal costs involved are likely to be nominal. If you need to appeal, your lawyer may legally charge up to 25% of the back benefits that you are granted. In this case, it is still worth it, because your chances of making it without a lawyer would be low.

If you do plan to try the process on your own, here are the steps that you will go through.

The waiting game

The Social Security office where you file your application doesn’t determine its outcome. Your application is evaluated at the Disability Determination Services office, where experienced disability claims examiners evaluate the validity of your claim. How long it takes for your application to go through this stage depends on how much work the examiner assigned to your case has, and how complete the medical information filed with replication is. The best thing that you can do to help your chances of a quick evaluation is to file as much recent medical information with your application as possible. This way, the examiner will not need to waste time seeking further information.

Following up

To make sure that your case goes through fairly quickly, you need to call up the DDS once every month to ask about the status of your application. You can call your Social Security office for the number of the DDS. Eventually, your case will be evaluated.

Page 7 Individual bankruptcy Legal guidelines

Your fiscal market place through constructive periods operates as being a sturdy serp involving expansion. Investment market segments worldwide displaying bullish behaviors give preference to consumers along with providers out there whom obtain investment along with offer a similar if your price in the investment features loved noticeably. On the other hand, market segments are generally offered to outer shock within this included entire world fiscal area plus the volatility in the market place composition features felled a lot of a huge. Recessions, eliminate generation, products piling up are common signs that the the market industry is around to try out a new suffering. Using substantial degrees of inflation along with being out of work, the market industry can be a lot of a new periods engulfed inside oral cavity involving stagflation. People generally get belly up on account of these kind of unpredictable shock which in turn affect the market industry intensely plus the merely selection offered to these people through this sort of periods should be to report your page 7 individual New York Bankruptcy Lawyer legislation.


Individual bankruptcy: Precisely what the idea is centered on?
Individual bankruptcy it’s essentially an activity within the national legislation by which folks along with corporations could take care of his or her debt and have security off their credit card companies. Your individual bankruptcy legal guidelines ended up created to deliver debtors/businesses which has a fresh new will his or her fiscal jobs. Declaring individual bankruptcy makes it possible for folks to acquire security through the national legislation by which these are protected via credit card companies nevertheless be able to keep hold of his or her possessions.

Page 7 individual bankruptcy legal guidelines
As outlined by page 7 individual bankruptcy legal guidelines, you’ll find a pair of stages of development for you to declaring for the individual bankruptcy within the national legislation. The 1st cycle will be the arranging treatment if your particular person as well as the organization enterprise continues an increasing with their debt along with his or her possessions using they will could sometimes tend to pay your credit card companies as well as seek bankruptcy relief. The other cycle involving declaring pertaining to individual bankruptcy possess an computerized continue to be interval through the govt which in turn abolishes credit card companies via getting out of hand anyone using debt in that timeframe. Page 7 individual bankruptcy data claims that this subsequent cycle involving declaring pertaining to individual bankruptcy by simply somebody as well as the organization consists of your using the services of in the solutions of an individual bankruptcy law firm whom analyzes your finances along with possessions along with precisely what area of a similar might be built liquefied in an attempt to pay creditors.

Your settlement involving debt can be accomplished throughout stages of development. People committing using your organization enterprise are generally grouped underneath a pair of wide-ranging varieties. Your collateralize credit card companies are generally paid for 1st since almost all of his or her purchases are generally reinforced by simply equity including possessions as well as stocks in the firm as well as various other house loans. Your credit card credit card companies are generally and then deemed along with his or her reputation can be improved for you to overall main concern inside textbooks in the law firm coping with true.

Your circumstances recorded underneath page 7
As outlined by PEOPLE documents involving bankruptcies recorded by simply organization along with neo organization circumstances concluding Drive 31st, 2013, an overall of just one, 170, 324 circumstances involving individual bankruptcy ended up being recorded along with 804, 885 of such circumstances recorded underneath page 7 individual bankruptcy legal guidelines. In the full involving 804, 885 circumstances, 30, 579 ones ended up organization filings and also a shocking 779, 306 ended up recorded by simply neo organization circumstances within the page 7 individual bankruptcy norms. A high level particular person or possibly a organization enterprise along with need to seek bankruptcy relief underneath page 7 in the individual bankruptcy regulations, if your current scenario can be legitimate throughout mother nature then you can definitely always be unveiled through the hold involving credit card companies within just 3 months involving declaring pertaining to individual bankruptcy.

Personal Injury Compensation: Getting Your Due

You have been injured in an accident and clearly someone else is to blame. You have suffered your fair amount of loss and by every indication your losses will continue to mount in the months and years ahead. Thus, you may be entitled to compensation. Here is how to calculate your personal injury compensation to ensure that you get your due.

1. Hire an attorney. Before you start adding up money in your head, you need to seek legal representation. Having legal help is critical if you are to win your case. You should know that you need to find an attorney who is experienced in such cases if you stand a chance of winning explains Gentry, Arnold & Mitchell PLLC.

2. Mount a case. In order to file a successful claim, there are certain matters you must take care of. First, provide the insured’s claim adjuster with evidence demonstrating that his client caused your injuries. Second, have the adjuster accept liability for the actions of the insured. Third, provide documentation substantiating your damages. Fourth, negotiate faithfully towards a fair settlement amount.

3. Calculate damages. Besides paying for your medical bills, loss of work and other expenses related to your case, you may be eligible for both special and general damages. Any monies you lost are considered special damages and include the aforementioned medical bills and lost wages. Beyond that are general damages that can continue well into the future, perhaps for the rest of your life. Any pain or emotional trauma represents grounds for you to receive compensation. Although harder to quantify, your attorney can help you there.

4. Identifying damages. It is important for you to be as specific as possible regarding the general damages incurred. An umbrella term of “pain and suffering” is often used to describe injuries that can affect your concentration, rob you of sleep, cause anxiety or depression, inflict emotional distress, or bring about physical aches and pains. Pain and suffering is a very individual matter and cannot be compared to someone else. Thus, your attorney will seek to quantify your suffering in a bid to affix a price to your loss.

5. Negotiate with an insurance company. When seeking personal injury compensation you should know that insurers have data on their side to determine how much they think you should receive. It is based on a point system, what assigns a value to various damages and includes a variety of factors that can affect your claim. However, you should keep in mind that compensation cannot be easily quantified by a computer — your needs are individual or specific to your case. A qualified attorney will know when to speak up on your behalf to argue your case.

Compensation Considerations
It is important that you never sell yourself short to whatever compensation you believe that you are entitled to receive. Certainly, it can be difficult to estimate what your personal situation will be like several years down the road and that is where a qualified attorney can help you. Settle for less and your quality of life may suffer with little to no recourse for recouping what you have lost after the fact.

Digital Marketing Guide for Lawyers

Law firms face various challenges and have issues in remaining at the top in the market. They have to make themselves appear at the top to get more and more clients and business.

With the increase in the concept of internet marketing, these days, most of the firms are focusing on getting their firms listed on Google and other search engines to make their presence stable in the global market.

Gone are the days when firms used to advertise their products and services through different mediums of marketing like cable advertisements, radio advertisements and social networking sites. We live in an era of 21st century where everyone has become internet savvy and relies on the internet & search engines to find solutions of what they are looking for.

Today, with the increase in competition, if you want to earn profits, target more customers, earn goodwill and survive in the market, you need to make a strong impact and develop smart digital online marketing strategies.

There are various strategies to market your business online. Most businesses think the most powerful way to market their business online is through paid advertisements or social media marketing – the truth is, the best way to market your business is to know your data inside and out. This type of marketing is called web analytics and through platforms like Google Analytics and WebTrends you are given the ability to measure your efforts.

In order to be successful with digital marketing analytics, you need a plan or strategy. This type of plan is known as a web analytics measurement plan and should be undertaken by a Google Analytics Qualified Individual.

Remember, simply developing a law firm website does not solve the purpose. If you are not actively optimizing your law firm’s website to make it appear on the first page of different search engines, you are totally unaware of how many potential clients you are losing.

SEO is the one stop solution for all law firms who not only want to increase their customers, but achieve great success. Internet marketing through law firm SEO can increase the quality of traffic, improve the page ranking of your website and focus on the potential customers which will ultimately make your business flourish.

Further, most of the customers almost use internet to search for legal information. So, internet marketing and good online reputation management for attorneys becomes mandatory. This will help you know where your law firm ranks on the search engine and how many prospective customers you can attract for your business.

This will also enhance the conversion rates of your website traffic and provide you with a higher return on your investment. Moreover, it will help you to market your business all over the world, thus increase your client base.

Further, digital marketing for attorneys (use of SEO keywords) is one of the cheapest ways to advertise your business, generate community awareness, achieve exceptional marketing and get a huge market base all over the world.

So,digital marketing for attorneys is a fruitful step for all the lawyers. With the use of ethical SEO techniques and strategies, you can mark the presence of your firm exclusively in your practice areas and other geographic areas. Further, you will get instant results and can turn your website into a virtual achiever, possibly bring in several new inquiries each day and get your law firm ranked high for search engine keyword phrases.

Bottom Line: Before you employ a digital marketing for attorneys make sure you check all the possible impacts and carefully consider the above listed checklists. May be your business require different strategy but the key to get right results is considering the basic requirements and key points that give greater impact.

Some Information about Traffic Attorneys

Traffic citations could be expensive. The actual cost of the traffic citation is a lot higher compared to face quantity of a quotation. Traffic info generally lead to higher insurance costs. Serious citations might even cause a good insurer in order to drop an insurance policy if they think about the offender to become a high danger driver. Some insurance providers specialize in high-risk drivers as well as charge premiums which are much greater than the business average. An attorney focusing on traffic law could be a citizen’s first type of defense towards traffic citations which are often capricious.

Sometimes battling a visitors citation is essential for factors beyond mitigating the actual pain associated with high insurance charges. If the driver was already found responsible of numerous citations, that driver may be facing losing their permit. In this type of case, traffic lawyers aren’t a luxurious. They really are a necessity. Losing a person’s license can lead to a total lack of driving rights. Each citation includes a point worth. That stage value is actually deducted in the driver’s complete. A quantity of points add up to or under zero leads to a revocation or even suspension of the driving rights.

Many info are contestable. For instance, a motorist may be cited to have an unsafe street deviation on the one street road. With no representation of the traffic attorney, the motorist is probably not aware how the statute he or she was reported under only pertains to roadways with several lanes. A visitors lawyer could make an efficient legal argument to possess such the citation ignored.

Towns as well as counties depend on citation revenue to pay for part of the operating finances. This leads to overzealous enforcement in certain communities. Often drivers are reported for racing violations which are contestable. A visitors lawyer will be familiar with issues which affect laser beam and radar detector calibrations. Skilled visitors lawyers could also have techniques to attack a good issuing officer’s ticketing methods or trustworthiness. These lawful methods could result within the dismissal associated with expensive visitors citations. Visitors lawyers tend to be specialists. They’ve strategies with regard to contesting tickets how the average citizen may not think to use. With a comprehensive knowledge associated with state as well as local statutes as well as ordinances, they offer the typical citizen using the means to protect themselves towards egregiously costly tickets.

People often believe that hiring the traffic lawyer could be more expensive than pleading guilty to some citation as well as paying the actual fine. This isn’t necessarily the situation. Speeding seats can encounter the countless dollars without having even factoring the results on insurance coverage cost. The increased insurance costs alone will likely be more expensive on the one 12 months period compared to total fee from the traffic attorney.

Many visitors lawyers provide free consultation services. If the first is cited for any violation of the traffic regulation, it is actually prudent to find the advice of the experienced visitors lawyer. Instead of paying info issued through state as well as local companies, citizens must aggressively battle traffic info. The skills of the expert visitors lawyer shouldn’t be underestimated.

Staying away from Traffic Solution Broward Region

Have a person ever obtained a visitors ticket? When you possess, then you realize just exactly how serious they may be. Receiving the traffic solution Broward County could be a very severe and demanding event. Sometimes it may even cost a person your generating privilege and also have your permit suspended. Read beneath and find out how the Visitors Ticket Group, www.trafficticketteam.com, will help you get from a visitors ticket within Broward Region, Florida.

The much more tickets an individual receives is actually what determines the amount of points these people acquire on the drivers permit. In their state of Sarasota, if an authorized driver receives a lot of points on the license, the state will revoke which person’s generating privilege to have an undisclosed period of time until the actual offender offers satisfied the actual states requests to enhance their generating.

It is definitely advised, that whether or not you’re guilty from the traffic criminal offense or not really, to go to courtroom to problem it. It is because is simply because most insurance providers base their own premium prices on whether you can be viewed as a secure driver. The greater traffic infractions which someone gets; the greater their insurance costs and premiums will end up.

In a few cases, if someone is really a repeat culprit, they become referred to as what is known as a chronic offender to police force agencies and therefore are often watched. The reason behind the reason being the enforcement agencies along with the department of cars expect you to definitely violate visitors laws since it has turned into a routine motion from a person. In order to prevent becoming the routine offender then you definitely should consider special safeguards.

Did you realize that getting points in your license may automatically postpone your candidacy for several jobs? Yup you heard right! Some locations automatically disqualify a person for work positions if you don’t have the clean as well as safe record. This is the reason why there tend to be classes obtainable from Florida’s division of cars. These classes assistance to teach correct driving methods, as nicely as methods to actually avoid generating traffic citations.

The same as people battle hard to maintain a good credit rating, people ought to fight to maintain a clean record. People that repeatedly obtain traffic circumstances become recognized generally because habitual offenders. Habitual offenders usually end up being targeted more regularly for regimen traffic stops since the officers generally expect these phones keep their own pattern associated with violating visitors laws.

It doesn’t matter what particular offense you’ve been charged of it is almost always advised that you simply consult having a traffic lawyer. The reason behind the reason being traffic law is really a relatively complex section of law, and handles many various formalities. It is usually advised that you simply consult along with someone who is each educated as well as experienced in this region when challenging evidence that is actually submitted for the ticket.

If you’re aiming not to receive the traffic solution in Broward Region, there are a few sure fireplace things that you ought to defiantly perform. Always concentrate when you’re driving. Never obtain distracted through talking in your cell telephone, or actually by using the stereo. When a person drive keep all your focus on the highway. Always be considered a defensive car owner and anticipate the unpredicted. If there’s an inconsistent driver attempting to pass you that’s weaving all around the road, you’ll be able to expect which eventually at some time, that car owner will durante up within an accident, it is your decision to avoid as being a party into it. The greatest and easiest way of preventing a visitors ticket is to be alert. Seriously consider your surroundings and not drive when you’re sleepy as well as drowsy because doing this can result in a serious incident. By performing just these types of three easy things, you are able to help you to ultimately avoid finding a traffic solution.

Strategies for Finding the right Legal Support For Citizens With Visitors Tickets

To create roads secure for motorists, passengers, as well as pedestrians, traffic breach tickets receive to individuals who break visitors laws. These could be non-moving or even moving visitors laws for example illegal car parking, speeding, past due traffic yards, drunken generating, or failing to make use of signals with regard to turning. The visitors ticket may note the actual date to look in courtroom to beg guilty or simple. For those who have been provided a visitors ticket, occasionally it is a great idea to battle the solution.

There tend to be many explanations why you might decide to fight the traffic ticket which includes: Police officer might not show up for that hearing and also the court may dismiss the situation, you might be able to have your own case request bargained in order to lesser cost, you might want to keep much more demerit factors from being put on your record, or you believe the officer made an error and you believe you may prove it like a speed calculating device wasn’t working correctly. In this kind of cases, it’s wise to employ a lawful service that focuses on traffic breach cases.

Below tend to be some ideas to finding the right legal support for citizens with visitors tickets:

Visitors Specialization: The lawful services you select should possess experience along with traffic breach cases. An lawyer that specializes in this region of what the law states will end up being experienced, qualified, and realize the visitors laws. A attorney with insufficient experience may reduce the likelihood of a prosperous outcome.

Nearby Legal Providers: The lawful services that you simply select ought to be local since it means these people know the actual laws, the lawful system in your town, and actually the all the court authorities. He or she’ll know exactly what the idol judges and attorneys are such as so you will see an increased possibility of a good outcome.

Expenses: It is definitely smart to compare costs of lawful services that focus on traffic breach cases. Nevertheless, just since you choose the legal service using the lowest charge, it doesn’t mean they’re inefficient. It is best to possess a a high quality and skilled traffic solution legal providers so price ought to be a element, but not really a main element.

Search On the internet: Searching on the internet is a terrific way to locate lawful services that focus on traffic infractions. Their web sites will checklist their providers, years associated with experience, training, success tales… etc. It’s a fast as well as easy solution to find lawful services that focus on traffic regulation.

Receiving the traffic ticket could be a real irritation. With the traffic solution, you can get a hefty good, demerit points put on your record, an improve in car insurance rates, shed your permit, and actually possibly visit jail. It might be advantageous in order to fight the traffic ticket to prevent such damaging consequences. Should you choose choose in order to fight the actual ticket, you should have the legal support team that focuses on traffic solution cases since it will boost the chance of the positive as well as successful end result.

The actual Lawyer’s Strategies for Defeating Visitors Violations

Before I’d been the Seattle visitors attorney I accustomed to ponder what sort of lawyer might resolve visitors violations. I would consider, “I have been exceeding the actual speed restrict. I obtained caught. How tend to be they obtaining me from that? ” After which it I grew to become a 1 and thought it away. Plus, to tell the truth, it isn’t actually that hard. But, unfortunately, it does have a law degree to be able to work.

The secret is having enough particulars to defeat the solution, finding errors in procedures that defeat the breach, or which makes it seem as if you have sufficient to defeat the ticket so the district lawyer doesn’t wish to waste their time. And frequently you simply ask properly.

For example, I set a visitors ticket these days. It had been a racing violation and I needed to contain it lowered with a non-moving breach (essentially what this means is it doesn’t affect your automobile insurance prices). This individual received driving while impaired once these people got their own exceeding the actual speed restrict ticket, and additionally the Driving while impaired and racing violation had been handled individually. The Drunk driving was completed, and then your prosecutor had been still going after the racing ticket.

The actual violation had been arranged with regard to hearing, We appeared, and prior to the hearing We chatted using the prosecutor (this really is something that occurs regularly and it’s where the majority of the defense deals are created) and told the area attorney which my customer obtained drunk driving with the actual speeding ticket which the Dui have been looked after (decreased to irresponsible generating) as well as asked the actual district attorney what we should could do to find the speeding breach lowered to some traffic breach. After great deal of thought she chose to reduce this, and there you’re, it have been done!

Other times it takes the risk of litigation to acquire results (and perhaps it requires several wins at trial to obtain results), and it also usually depends upon the specific information on your situation. That’s the reason why I said it requires a regulation degree to acquire good outcomes (or maybe a lot of traffic seats). A lawyer gets the background to determine the guidelines and ways of practice, to determine the openings within the prosecution’s situation, and and to express these types of weaknesses with techniques the area attorney knows. I’m not really declaring you cannot do this without help, I’m merely stating it’s a lot harder.