How to Find Highly Qualified Health and Safety Consultants

When it comes to organizations that handle hazardous chemicals and the likes, it is only natural for them to get a safety consultant. The said consultant is the professional who can provide quality advice regarding the handling or disposal of the hazardous chemicals so that no one will get injured and that the environment remains safe. The consultant is very important personnel for the organization.

In hiring the consultant, there are several considerations to take into account. For example, the business owner first have to gauge whether there really is a need for a full-time consultant or if it is okay to just hire one when necessary. Outsourcing a job to highly qualified health and safety consultants New Zealand will allow the business owner to cut down on the cost of hiring one, after all.

Just make sure that you will be hiring the highly qualified professional for the job, though. There are lots of risks that come with hiring professionals who do not have sufficient qualifications for the work. There are even times when such professionals are sued at court simply because they provide advice without the proper license to do so.

Getting a court order is not the only risk faced by hiring an unqualified health and safety consultant. The operations will also be at risk. If the consultant does not give the correct advice regarding the handling or disposal of hazardous chemicals, there will be a lot of injuries in the long run. Moreover, this will also cost a lawsuit from the government especially because improper handling and disposal of hazardous chemicals is a blatant violation of the government’s laws.

In that case, you have to look into certain factors before you finalize your decision on who to hire. These factors will ensure that you do not make the wrong decision and that you can get a highly qualified professional for the job. Here are some of the tips that are worth taking into consideration for the selection of a safety consultant.

First, it is imperative that you look for a consultant who is OSHCR-certified. OSHCR stands for Occupational Safety and Health Consultants’ Register. This is an accredited register which aims to professionalize the health and safety consulting field. The end goal of the said register is to resolve the problems brought about by unqualified advisors.

You also have to check the level of experience this professional has. As a professional in this field, it will be impossible to get the certification from OSHCR without two years of experience. Thus, any certified professional with more than two years of experience should be an ideal choice for your business. With enough experience, this professional should be able to deal with any concerns your business might have.

Look into the price that the said consultant will charge you with before you actually hire him or her for the job. The price should be within the industry standard. Moreover, it should be within the budget that you have set. You can negotiate if the price is more than what you can pay for or look for another highly qualified professional with cheaper rates.

13 Things to Know About US Employee Laws


Each year, thousands of businesses are cited for failing to follow basic laws of hiring and maintaining employees. The labor laws can vary slightly by state, but on a federal level, they are very cut and dry. Firms like Nomberg Law are here to help individuals who feel that they have been treated unfairly or terminated wrongly in the workplace. As a new business owner and an employee, there are thirteen things to know about United States employee laws.

  1. Tipped minimum wage is lower in some states.

Positions where an individual receives up to 80% of their income in the form of tips are subject to a lower hourly wage. Business owners must consult the standards for their state. While the federal minimum for tipped positions including food service workers, hair stylists, and nail technicians is $2.13/hr (as of 2016), the state minimums may be higher. For example, in New York, the current tipped minimum is $7.25/hr.

  1. Business owners have no right to tip share.

It is a common practice for business owners to implement tip share for support workers such as hostesses and bartenders in the food service industry. By law, anyone in an ownership position is not eligible to take a part of the tips earned by the employee, regardless of their secondary role in the business (chef, bartender, etc.).

  1. Tipped workers must retain 85% of tips earned.

Even when tip share is in place, it is required that tipped workers are able to keep 85% of their tips earned. The standard practice of most food service industries is to take 3% off the top of total sales to accommodate support staff.

  1. Salary pay must be reasonable.

A commitment to salary pay usually means a commitment to more hours worked each week. However, the number of hours worked should not equate to less than minimum wage for the worker. As in, it is considered an unfair working condition to pay someone $300 per week to work 50 hours.

  1. Medium size businesses must have job protection for employees.

According to the Family and Medical Leave Act, any business that has 50+ staff members must provide job protection for up to 12 weeks if an individual must miss work for a family or medical emergency.

  1. Employee discrimination is not okay.

When hiring, business owners cannot discriminate against an individual based on age, sex, race, religion, appearance, or sexual orientation.

  1. Veterans should be hired.

The Veterans’ Employment and Training Service is in place to investigate any business that continually does not hire veterans who are qualified and apply for their positions. This is considered against fair labor practices.

  1. Overtime pay is not optional.

Any hourly employee must be paid accordingly for overtime hours. This is outlined in the Fair Labor Standards Act.

  1. Wage garnishment has specific guidelines.

Employers may try to garnish an employee’s wages for reimbursement of a broken item or as punishment, this is illegal. No wage garnishment can take effect with the employee’s approval except in the case of court ordered garnishment for child/spousal support/ tax purposes.

  1. Employees may be terminated at will.

With the exception of those employees under contract – verbal or written – any employee can be terminated at will without a reason.

  1. Employees may not be terminated for public policy reasons.

Any time an employee takes time off for jury duty, voting or military/national guard purposes, it is considered acceptable under public policy. Employers are unable to fire someone for requesting time off for these reasons.

  1. Employers are unable to slander former employees.

When questioned about a former employee, employers are only allowed to state the time of employment and whether or not they would hire the individual again/ reason for leaving. It is illegal to make false accusations or defame an employee past or present.

  1. Employers cannot harass their employees.

While some comments may be made “in good humor” towards staff, they can still be deemed harassment. It is illegal to criticize an employee for anything relating to their appearance, weight, race, religion, or sexual orientation. Repeated remarks can be deemed harassment and give the employee room to sue.

Personal Injury FAQs

Most people are not familiar with personal injury attorneys outside of what they see on television or in the movies: they have little understanding of how a personal injury attorney can help. But when you or someone you love has been injured, and the cause of their pain is someone else’s carelessness, you quickly realize that a personal injury lawyer can be your best resource for getting justice. A personal injury attorney represents those who have been hurt by the negligence of others, and whether that negligence takes the shape of an icy walkway, distracted driving, a surgical accident, a dog bite, or a pharmaceutical company releasing an unsafe drug onto the market, a personal injury lawyer is the person who will make the responsible party pay for the harm that they’ve done. Here are some of the questions that we get asked most frequently about filing a personal injury lawsuit:

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What is Personal Injury: A personal injury is one that happens as a result of another person’s negligence or carelessness. There are many different types of personal injury lawsuits, including pharmaceutical negligence, medical or professional malpractice, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip and all accidents and dog bite accidents, to name just a few.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Attorney Charge: Generally speaking, attorneys who handle personal injury cases work on what is known as a contingency basis. This means that if you choose to use them to represent you, you will not be charged any out-of-pocket fees and there will be no charge unless they win your case for you. If your case results in a settlement or a jury award, then their fee will be assessed as a percentage of the amount that you receive and will come out of that payment.

How Much is my Case Worth? It is inappropriate, unethical, and flat out wrong for an attorney to provide you with an assessment of the worth of your case without learning a great deal about it and doing a lot of investigating. Every case is different, and much depends upon the injury that you have suffered, the costs of your medical bills and the amount of impact that it has had on your life, including any lost wages or earning potential. Much will also be determined by whether you prefer to settle quickly out of court or whether it is necessary to pursue a trial. The best way to provide an assessment of whether you are eligible for compensation and what that compensation may be is to make an appointment with our office and discuss the case in detail.

Can’t I Just Take What the Insurance Company is Offering? It is important to remember that insurance companies are in business to hold on to their profits, so no matter how friendly an insurance company adjuster may seem, their goal is not to provide you with what you deserve, but to get out of the situation having paid as little as they can.

How Much Time Do I Have to Decide to File a Claim? The statute of limitations for filing a personal injury case in the state of Pennsylvania is two years from the date of the injury or accident, unless the case is being pursued against a government entity or municipality, in which case the time is shortened to just six months. An injury to a child is given greater leeway: these claims can be filed at any time up until they reach the age of eighteen.


An injury can make lives ruin. Serious injury can spoil the lives of sufferer as well as family members. In many cases if the working hand of the family gets injured seriously then that loss can be beard by the family members too. They have to go through the lean time of scarcity of money and resources to lead the life properly. Thus along with you family has to experience misfortune due to an accident. Thus it is very important to have a lawyer who can fight for your right and provide you deserving compensation for your accident. Medical expenses are also sky high to be given. In this case only personal injury lawyer can help you to bring back the life again.


Personal injury lawyer Ottawa is renowned to handle these sorts of cases with efficiently. And they are quite potent to give your deserving money you have spent in the medical expenditure. Thus you can recover yourself from the financial loss. These lawyers focus on the cases in which accidents happen as car accidents, in working area, due to animal bite or dog bite, hit and run case and fall due to slipping. These accidents can cause serious injuries and your recovery can be delayed so you have given proper compensation in order to comfort your family and giving them financial security. These lawyers are well qualified and they have long experience to deal with such cases.

You also do not have to worry about the payment of fee. You can give entire fee after winning the case. Our team is comprised of experienced, loyal and dedicated lawyers. More over you can have our service at any time of the day. We are open for 24*7 hours to deliver you fabulous services. Our team is famous for handling the challenging ad most trouble shooting cases. They adopt winning strategy by treating each case with dedication ad concentration. They also have linked with the social firms, NGOs, hospitals and rehabs so that your care can be assured. We have started the campaign for the security as well as safety of the people for wearing helmet while riding on bikes or two wheelers. We are here to support you externally as well as internally.

After the completion of the case we do not forget our relation s with the clients and in future we will deliver our kind services with same enthusiasm. We are obliged to work for the welfare of the people and giving them their right in legal way. We are always present with our dedicated services to treat everyone with same importance and services. With us you do not have to worry about your financial aspect we will provide you deserving compensation without delaying. You can contact us at any time to have helping hand. We will treat every client as an individual case and due importance is given to every case in order to provide right compensatory money to lead a happy life.

Why it is So Important to Find the Right Personal Injury Law Firm in Toronto

It’s possible to do a simple search online and find any one of a range of Toronto attorneys and firms claiming to be experts in personal injury. You will have no difficulty finding attorneys who make big claims about their prowess when it comes to getting settlements on behalf of their clients. That doesn’t mean they are the right attorneys or firms for you. Many of these firms play on the law of averages assigning you a number and throwing thousands of cases at the wall, like spaghetti, hoping that one or two will stick.

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That’s not the right firm for you. When you’re dealing with the physical, emotional, and financial aftermath of a personal injury, you need to work with attorneys that see you as the person you are and not as just another file or case for them to work in order to cash in in the future.

When you’re looking for a personal injury law firm in Toronto, make sure you keep these characteristics high on your list of expectations.


If you don’t feel the compassion from your very first meeting then this isn’t the right firm for you. If the attorneys on staff do not radiate compassion for your situation how on earth will they be able to serve as passionate advocates for you in court. It’s as simple as that.


You can bet that corporate insurance company attorneys have experience on their side. Not only experience securing settlements, but experience speaking for victims in the courtroom as well. Look for a firm that is filled with attorneys who have actual experience dealing with personal injury cases like yours.


This one is a little tricky. It’s nearly impossible for most people going through a personal injury to think past the needs of the day. From housing to treatment and simply coping with the scale and scope of the injury it can be nearly impossible to think about one, five, or ten years from now.

That’s why it’s important to deal with personal injury lawyers in Toronto that do understand about your needs in the future and factor in things like the following:

  • Your inability to work – now and potentially forever.
  • The loss of your income short and long term.
  • The costs of your treatment.
  • The length of time recovery might take – if recovery is possible.
  • The loss of contribution to the household (emotionally, physically, and financially).
  • The costs of care (short and long-term).
  • Adjustments that will need to be made to your home and the way your family functions.

The list of things that are too monumental to think of today can go on forever. These don’t even call into account the different types of therapies and treatments that are necessary for the victim and family members as everyone comes to terms with the injury and the limitations it leaves behind.

Howie, Sacks and Henry is a personal injury law firm in Toronto that is dedicated to being a powerful advocate for you inside the courtroom and out.

A Few Things about the Career of a Criminal Paralegal

The criminal law paralegals are an important part of the overall Toronto paralegal job. These paralegals offer assistance to both the prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. Besides, they also offer various types of duties, which support the work of an attorney but these paralegals don’t possess the similar authority as the attorney and therefore they can’t represent any client.

Career description, common tasks and duties of a criminal law paralegal:

A criminal law paralegal Toronto can perform many of the similar jobs like as other paralegals like filing and drafting paperwork, corresponding with the clients, interviewing the possible co-defendants and witnesses and assisting to build cases against or for individuals on the basis of whether they work for a private law firm or for a district attorney. Criminal law Toronto paralegal, who works for any defense attorney, needs to complete the following jobs:

  • Prepare necessary arrangements to post bail
  • Interview the witnesses
  • File motions while requesting a decrease in the bond
  • Collect all the discovery information like as police reports, affidavits and search warrants
  • Complete required legwork to prepare for the plea bargains or for the change of a plea
  • Communicate with the probation officers
  • Write motions on various issues including request for an appeal or a new trial

Requirements and qualifications to become a criminal law paralegal:

A criminal law paralegal Toronto commonly needs to have a two or a four-year degree in paralegal training or criminal justice with the specialization in criminal law. But, these days, an increased number of organizations need the candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Besides, in some cases, the prospective criminal law paralegals also need to opt for the bachelor’s degree instead of any two years degree.

Career opportunities of a paralegal:

The private law firms are considered as the biggest employer of the paralegals while both the government and some other interest groups employ the rest. The advancement opportunities for the experienced criminal law paralegals include: managerial and administrative positions. Paralegals, who work for big sized law firms commonly, have more opportunities for advancement rather than the legal assistants, who work in the smaller firms.

Certification, specialization and experience are some of the factors, which determine the salary of the paralegals. Besides, paralegals with two or four years of degree with criminal law specialization would have a better scope of finding employment with higher salary structure.

Get the best in town

Misunderstandings among two parties can never be avoided. Some of these misunderstandings can be solved over a simple talk and some are sometimes forgotten overtime. However, there are some misunderstandings that can never be resolved over a simple talk or agreement. This is when people in authority come in. They will be there to decide which party is the victim in the situation and which is not. Most often, these misunderstandings end up in courts where lawyers and judges are involved. These cases are usually very expensive and stressful for both parties. That is why before bringing up a case to the court, it is best to undergo arbitration first.

The act of arbitration allows two parties to solve any dispute between them outside of the court room. This is less costly and more effective since there will be a third party, which is the arbitrator that will act as the judge or the jury. Usually, the arbitrator will urge both parties to come up with an agreement that will give the both a win-win solution. For example is that one will pay the other party a certain amount and the latter will pull back all the cases they have filed against the former. The arbitrator will be there to list down and make legal whatever decision both parties agree on so that in the future, they will have a witness as to their agreement. If one party decides to break the agreement, then there will be a breach of contract between the parties which may be subjected to another arbitration or can be brought up to the court. However, it is very important to make sure that the arbitrator is reliable and credible. To make sure of this, make sure you get the best arbitration lawyer in the world. There are many lawyers but there are only a few of the best international arbitration lawyer. One thing you can do to know whether they are the best for you, you can check their background, especially their educational background and previous clients whether they were successful or not. Also, you can ask these previous clients regarding the lawyer’ services. Their feedback and reviews can be very helpful. There is the also contact information found on their websites so that you can talk to these lawyers and know whether they can help you or not. These lawyers will be giving you legal advises and will help you in the process of solving your problems. They will also make sure that you fully understand what you are going through by explaining them to you in words an ordinary person understands.

Indeed, having misunderstandings are inevitable but these misunderstandings should never cost us much and should never give us stress. That is why before bringing up any case up to the court, make sure you go through an arbitration first and make sure you get the best international lawyer to help you with the process and make sure that you go through it smoothly and with less stress.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Personal Injury Lawyers

An accident may occur at anytime and this will disturb the entire life of the person. Most of the accidents are happened because of others negligence. Only some case the accidents are happened because of their mistakes. Most of the people have hectic work schedule and they like to rush to their office on time. They like to drive their car at utmost speed and they could not control the speed when they need to take a break. This will result in unexpected accidents. Most of the time the people those who are coming opposite will face accidents and they cause injury. Some time the injury is very small but in most cases the injury is severe and it will spoil the life of the person. Some of the time the person may death at the spot of the accident. It is good for the innocent people to arrange a lawyer for them if they face accident case because of others fault.


The San Antonio personal injury lawyers will help people in accident cases. Some time the injury may happen in accident or they may slip down because of others mistake. In this case they can file against them and ask for compensation. In most of the accident cases the victim need to face lot of medical expenses and they can ask the medical expenses to be paid by the convict. Some people will get severe injury on their back and they could not walk for their rest of life. In such situation they can ask for compensation for medical expenses as well as for their life. Most of the insurance companies will try to deny the case. But if they meet the personal injury lawyers they will arrange the money from the insurance company and from the opposite party. San Antonio personal injury lawyers will give suggestion for the party about the case. They will here all the details from their client and they will start their argument.

Will Give Free Consultation

People no need to hesitate to meet the personal injury lawyer in San Antonio because they will give free consultation for their clients. By hearing all the details they will ready to help their clients. They have very good experience on this subject so they know how to handle this case. They will fight against the insurance companies and against the corporation and they will arrange the compensation for their personal loss or the loss of their loved ones. They will be with the client until the problem is solved. And they will not charge any amount if they lose the case. They will arrange all the evidence which is more important for the case to win. They will try to understand the situation of the client before they are taking the case and they will discuss with the client about all the negligence about the third party. They will withstand their client till the end of the case. And they will support their client to get the compensation.


Tips to Win Your Personal Injury Claim

When undertaking a personal injury lawsuit, the overarching aim is for the plaintiff – otherwise known as the person doing the suing – that prove that the defendant – the person begin sued – is responsible in some way for an injury or loss on the plaintiff’s part. This can be through direct action, such as the defendant driving their car into the plaintiff’s front porch, or through inaction, such as the defendant failing to inform the plaintiff that the food they were being given contains ingredients they’re allergic to.

This may seem fairly straight forward, however, there are a large number of ways in which this can be thwarted. The way in which evidence is presented, the nature of the evidence, the timing of the suit, and the conditions surrounding the injury can all influence the chances of success or failure. However much like any system, personal injury claims can be easy enough if everyone knows what they’re doing.

First, Make Sure You Have a Claim

I’ll allow you a moment to say “Well duh” before continuing. Got it out? Good. Then let’s proceed.

What we mean to say is that you actually need to make sure that, legally, you actually have a personal claim that you can take to court. You may well have been injured by the defending party, however there circumstances that may render a claim void if you’re not careful. The easiest way this can happen is by actually causing the accident yourself by unwittingly missing or ignoring measures that could have prevented the injury.

Let’s you were at a theme park and you were injured on a ride because you failed to follow fairly obvious security instructions. In that sort of situation, a claim would not be accepted in court, as the theme park would not have what is known as a liability.

There may also be certain state- or city-specific laws and ordinances that may regulate how lawsuits proceed and operate. Before you go to court, make sure you’re familiar with what they are and how they may affect your claim.

Gather as Much Evidence as Possible

From the moment of your injury, whether it’s a busted leg or a busted car, make sure you’re getting as much evidence down as possible. We mean that literally. From the moment, you’re injured take photos, get witnesses, and get official paperwork (doctors’ statements, police statements, insurance claims, etc.).

The first reason to do so is that these are crucial evidence in proving that a personal injury did actually occur, and at the time and place you claim it did. This cements your personal injury claim and prevents the defendant from slipping out from it by suggesting that the injury was actually caused elsewhere. Official statements and witness statements also provide credibility and prevents it from simply being a case of your word against theirs.

Secondly, photos and statements can also allow the courts to gauge just how much the injuries suffered are “worth”. Unlike the Anglo-Saxon weregeld, there isn’t really an official price to things such as a broken wrist or an allergic reaction to hidden shellfish. Photos of the injuries or damage suffered can at least allow the court get an idea of how much damage and suffering was actually caused, and use that to come to a decision as to how much the plaintiff can receive in damages should the suit be successful.

Naturally you don’t want to lose out on compensation for your injuries, so make sure you get hold of this evidence.

Be Realistic

It’s very rare for a suit to end in a settlement over a few thousand dollars. In most cases, you’ll probably receive only a few hundred. Ultimately it depends on the extent of your injuries, the extent to which the defending party was liable for them, and how much those injuries cost you. Remember that your personal injury claim is mostly intended to cover your medical or repair bills, with perhaps a little extra for your trouble. Then there’s the actual cost of the suit in the first place. So don’t go into a courtroom expecting to win the lottery.

In a similar vein, if the defending party offers you a settlement that seems reasonable, it’s often best just to accept it and call it a day. Don’t get greedy and push for more. Chances are, it will not go your way and you’ll actually wind up with less than you could have done had you accepted.

Hire an Attorney

Working the legal system is an overly complicated process at the best of times, and there’s always some way it can catch you out if you’re unfamiliar with it. If dealing with a neighbour or some other random schmuck from off the street, you may be able to handle it on your own, but it always pays to have help. If you’re suing a company or another professional, organised body, you will need help.

Hiring a lawyer to help represent your case really is sometimes worth the expense. For one thing they know how the legal system works, thus allowing you to use obscure laws to make your case more successful, or even more profitable. They also know how the courts themselves work, and can better persuade it to give you the settlement you’re looking for. During preparation, they’ll go over your case and make sure that you have everything you need to make it work, from the evidence to its presentation on the day.

Some folks are of course put off by the price, but it’s often reasonable. Many lawyers will only ask for a small percentage of whatever you win, or else a standing fee. Many, such as Heil-Law, also offer a free consultation upon their first meeting, so even if you don’t want to hire one you can still go to a legal firm for advice on your case.

Christian Mills, a personal injury legal assistant and freelance writer shares his tips and insights into personal injury cases. If you would like to learn more about Christian, you can check out his google+ profile.

The Common Factors of Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney

In these present people highly likes to travel with bike, car and other vehicles and it give pleasant effects for traveler. The unsafe travel may cause dangerous situations such as accidents and death. The motor vehicle accident attorneys specially need to know about common procedures and steps for further moving of case. The brooklyn injury attorneys have some special qualifications and talent for tackling the risk from various accident cases.

The Common Steps of Attorney after Injured

The people have been affected by accident and then their expecting valid compensation from accused. Generally good lawyers can only recover valid compensation from accused so we need to choose leading lawyer for file a case. The liability, lawsuit, accident details, investigation and these are the steps need to taken by general accident attorney. Normally all the people should follow rules and regulations of road and it highly avoids accidents. The accident attorney needs to know about what kind of brooklyn auto accident lawyer suitable for accident cases and other details. The vehicles generally settle down to court so initially attorneys need to recover vehicles for client satisfactions. The attorneys have to move the next process for compensation and other medical claims and it recovered from file a valid complaints. The investigation is very important process because it only option to prove the victim and motivation and it can also helps to recover some specific amount.

The Compensation of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Generally accidents happened by unusual factors and it can be provide various losses and damages for both vehicle and person. The attorney normally helps to claim some compensation and it includes motor vehicle Rental Company, public entity for maintaining, designing, construction and other charges, vehicle repair, inspection and extra maintenance charges, retail materials charges such as helmet and valid medical claim for particular person and their family.