Xarelto held accountable for uncontrolled gastrointestinal bleeding by Ohio plaintiff

Another Xarelto lawsuit was recently filed by a woman living in Ohio, against the pharmaceutical companies Janssen Pharmaceutical and Bayer AG. The woman claims that the new blood thinner caused her to suffer from a severe case of uncontrollable gastrointestinal bleeding. This bleeding got out of hand and became a life-threatening injury. She claims that she took Rivaroxaban for less than a year after which she suffered from severe bleeding which caused her to call for emergency services. The woman was prescribed this drug for her atrial fibrillation, a condition when a person suffers from an abnormal heart rhythm. Due to this condition, she was at a higher risk of suffering from a stroke or a blood clot. She was prescribed this drug, to reduce the risk and to prevent any dangerous blood clot from appearing. However, since there is no antidote available that could reverse the effects of Xarelto, the gastrointestinal bleeding that the woman suffered from increased her chances of suffering from a stroke even more.

A dangerous blood thinner!

Xarelto was approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011 as it was considered to be a convenient blood thinning drug when compared to other blood thinners. This drug had a convenient dosage that could easily be remembered and followed. Bayer’s drug has a one-size-fits-all dosing and you are required to take one pill a day. Another great thing that attracted the public to this drug was the fact that there were no dietary restrictions. No matter how old you might be, no matter what you weight or gender is there are no restrictions for you to follow. However, despite all the convenience the drug had, the side effects were quick to surface, raising several concerns amongst the patients and the physicians.

While Xarelto did receive a warning from the FDA, the Black Box to be exact, many patients who were prescribed this drug suffered from extreme injuries which resulted in many of them dying. The drug is now being considered to be an extremely dangerous medicine since it has no antidote that can reverse its side-effects.

The number of cases increases

There are a large number of cases that have been recollected in the Multidistrict Litigation number 2592 in the Eastern District of Louisiana. The number of lawsuits that are demanding compensation for all the trouble and pain they had to go through has risen to over 3000. Not to mention the fact that a 1000 of new cases have been filed in just a couple of months. It is suspected that the current number of cases will keep on increasing.



How Can A Criminal Defense Lawyer Help You – Few Tips to Choose The Right One

It is very important to hire a criminal defense lawyer for your case. Every criminal case is different. A criminal lawyer can help you to understand the smallest details in your case and help you to get out of the charges or the best solution there is. There are many procedures and proceedings involved in a case and it is almost impossible for you to understand everything unless you have a professional law degree.

Here are some reasons why you require a professional Criminal defense lawyer Miami for your case. Some of them are mentioned below for your knowledge:-

  • Plea bargain –

One of the most important reasons why you need a criminal defense lawyer is that he can get a plea bargain on your behalf. A plea bargain is basically an agreement between the defendant and the prosecutor. If you admit you are guilty you can request for a decreased sentence or a concession from the prosecutor in your plea bargain. In case you are guilty you should hire a good Miami criminal defense attorney to get a good plea bargain on your behalf.

  • The sentencing program –

There is an option to work out your sentencing program on your behalf. A criminal defense lawyer can get you a great deal in structuring the best sentencing program for your case that will be beneficial for you.

  • The reality check –

If you are a first time convict, then you might not be fully aware about the proceedings in a court. A good criminal defense attorney will help you understand the realities of your case and help you to deal with them. As a professional he will have complete knowledge about the things that can happen during a hearing or things that can go wrong and will have solutions for all of that.

  • Rules and regulations –

There are many different rules associated with every type of case, proceedings and area of crime. You might not be aware of every rule there is. A professional lawyer is aware of all the rules and regulations that have to be followed.

In case of criminal charge, there are some laws that even a regular prosecutor might not be careful about. Make sure you hire a criminal lawyer for your case and if possible hire someone who has experience of dealing with cases similar to yours.

Choosing the right criminal lawyer for your case can get a little confusing. It is best to just follow few rules while selecting the one. First always consider the one who has experience in the field and is completely aware about the proceedings of cases like yours. A good criminal lawyer is one who is available for you at the time of need and shares all the details of the case as it goes on. You can check this out with his past case defendants.

You can get the best criminal lawyers in town in Pagan & Stroleny, P.L. If you are in need of a criminal lawyer you should consider them as your first choice.

Optimize your law firm website to gain maximum returns – Vital tips from experts

So, is it that your law firm has got a website of its own but is still not generating significant internet traffic or enough leads? Do you think that Google is not displaying your website high above in the search engine results? Are you feeling that something is wrong in obtaining the desired results out of your efforts? If answered yes, you probably have to focus on perfect optimization of your law firm website so that all search engines have high regard for it and henceforth show it in the higher pages of search engine results. But what are the ways in which you can optimize your law firm website? If you don’t have an idea of them, here are some advices from experts you may look into.

  1. Utilize meaningful URLs: Human readable and user-friendly web addresses or URLs are helpful both for potential clients and for search engines which are trying their best to navigate through the website of the firm. There are content management systems like WordPress and RubyLaw which automatically generate such useful URLs based entirely on the titles of your webpage and also provide you with the option of manually defining each and every URL. You can still manage these in order to make sure they have keywords which are relevant to the target audience and to the topic.
  2. Focus more on particular keywords: It is vital for you to use appropriate keywords inside the content of your page so that the search engines can index your site for common terms properly and which your audience may use while searching. But make sure you don’t overdo the usage of keywords as that may lead to keyword stuffing. Remember that using the same words all over again won’t push you to the top of Google search.
  3. Make content easy to index: Make sure that your web development firm builds webpages by utilizing the standard HTML-5 as this makes it easier for the search engines to properly index the content of your site. Utilize semantic coding techniques to develop better page structures and make sure there is proper hierarchy of page content and headings. Search engines should ultimately be able to itemize topics which your site addresses.
  4. Keep fresh content: If you want the right target audience to find your site, you should continuously keep publishing fresh and relevant content. If you have the habit of regularly posting valuable content, it only keeps your law firm’s website updated and hence search engines can always index the content accurately. Don’t forget to include a sitemap to ensure that search engines can discover all sorts of content which you have in your website and give them priority accordingly.

Hence, if you’re the owner of a law firm website, you should include the above mentioned website optimization tips. If you think you can’t do this yourself, you can seek help of various law firm website designs available to professional designers.

Should You Hire A Personal Injury Attorney?

The personal injury attorney is one of the most important people that you will hire in the event that you need such a service. Unfortunately, most people do not understand how important this is and will stay away from the specialists. You need to be careful and you need to always remain focused on getting specialist help when an injury is caused by the negligence of someone else. That is due to various different reasons.

The huge problem is that many do not understand exactly what the personal injury attorney Philadelphia does. This is where everything needs to start. When you do not know what someone does, how can you be sure you will make a good choice if you do not hire the attorney?

Personal Injury Attorneys Represent You When You Cannot

Since you are faced with a personal injury, you need to get it treated. Because of this, you want to be sure you will be able to actually file the claim. The personal injury attorney can represent you while you get treated so it is a certainty that you will actually be able to go after the compensation that is required in your case.

Knowledge About The Law

Just as with every single compensation type out there, we are faced with strict rules that need to be respected. In the event that you do not know what you should receive or what laws have to be analyzed, how can you know what steps to take or how much money you should receive? The personal injury attorney is aware of everything so you can easily take advantage of that knowledge. At the same time, it is quite common to have laws change on a constant basis. The attorneys know when this happens. They will not be surprised by anything.

Negotiations With Insurance Companies

The insurance companies do tend to get involved in the personal injury cases pretty fast. You want to be careful about this entire process since the representatives of the companies will try to do all that they can in order to pay you less than what is necessary.

The personal injury attorney will not allow the insurance companies to take advantage of you and your condition. Why not be represented? You need to have someone in your corner that knows exactly how much money should be offered. People do not actually know that much about the money that they have to receive. For instance, did you know that you need to also be paid for the money that you lose as you cannot work?


Hiring personal injury attorneys is much more important than what you may think at the moment. It is really important that you find someone that is experienced and that can actually help  you out. No matter what you may believe at the moment, the personal injury attorneys are those that you want in your corner. They will protect your interests and do know the law so absolutely nobody can take advantage of you.

What You Need to Know about Splitting Up

If you are married and have decided to divorce, then you first need to obtain legal advice from a solicitor. The sooner you know how to navigate the process, the sooner you will know what to anticipate when going through a divorce.

When you meet with a lawyer, you and he will discuss your situation and then he will outline your options and recommend whether you are a candidate for legal aid. He may also suggest that you consider using collaborative law or mediation. These two options are normally available only at the start of the divorce process, so it is essential to obtain a lawyer’s advice early.

The Collaborative Law Process

Collaborative law, itself, is a new method used to resolve disputes. It works by removing the dispute from the courtroom setting and working toward a resolution. If you choose this process, you and your spouse will retain separate solicitors, each of whose job is to come to a settlement. No one goes to court. If the court becomes involved at all, the process ends and both lawyers are disqualified from the case.

When conferring with family law solicitors in London, you and your spouse will sign a contract that agrees to honestly and openly disclose all the information and documents related to your divorce. Neither spouse can take advantage of an inadvertent error. Instead, mistakes are recognised and corrected. Each of the parties in the divorce also agrees to behave respectfully by making every effort not to vilify each other. Both parties also agree to keep their children insulated and act in a manner to minimise the impact of the divorce.

A Win-Win Solution

In addition, both parties agree to use outside experts when needed and share the related expenses. Experts might include real estate appraisers, parenting consultants, vocational evaluators, or accountants. When collaborative law is used, the main goal of the process is to realise an amicable outcome and create a win-win solution for everyone.

Again, neither of the parties can seek or threaten a court action for resolution. If either of the parties do decide to go the judicial route, the lawyers, as stated above, must withdraw their services so the process can start anew in the court system. Collaborative law recognises that a couple’s emotional issues cannot be addressed by lawyers. Therefore, the idea of collaboration is to bring certain issues to the forefront so a resolution or settlement can be made.

Many times, the arguments that ensue between couples in a divorce have to do with the emotional and psychological pains they are experiencing. Collaborative law is a way to avoid disputes and settle a divorce in a dignified and orderly fashion.

Statistics reveal that over 90% of divorce cases can be resolved without a trial. When collaborative law is used to settle disputes, hurtful statements that can be made part of the public record can be avoided and a resolution can be made before any attacks are commenced in a courtroom. If you are seeking a divorce now, consult with a solicitor and enquire about collaborative law. Divorce is an emotional process. Therefore, do all you can do to minimise the pain that accompanies this type of activity.



Did You Connect with the Best DUI Attorney?

Life can be moving along just fine, and then panic sets in.

You may have never been drunk before when getting behind the wheel, perhaps you were but got away with it. Either way, you avoided a run-in with law enforcement.

In the snap of a finger, that can change in a heartbeat.

Whether you had one too many drinks and didn’t realize it, or you knew you had one too many and didn’t think it was that a big a deal, reality strikes you in the face when the flashing lights appear in your rearview mirror.

That said steering a DUI down can be both an anxious and frightening experience.

When this happens, your top priority is making sure you connect with the best DUI attorney available where you live.

How Do I Know I Hired the Top Legal Team?

In order for you to breathe a little easier following a DUI arrest, knowing that you hired the best criminal defense attorney possible is crucial.

He or she is your best hope to either having the charges dismissed entirely or allowing you to receive the best plea deal possible.

With that being the case, remember these tips if you ever find yourself in this unenviable position:

  • Don’t panic – Sure, there is reason for angst when you are facing DUI charges. That said you still have your legal rights in front of you. Your DUI attorney will do all they can to get you the best-case scenario possible, including avoiding significant jail time (especially if one or more people were injured as a result of your actions);
  • Do a diligent search – In looking to find the right DUI attorney, make sure you take the time to search as thoroughly as possible. Yes, you are under the gun to get help as quickly as possible, but that is where family and friends come in. They can assist you in your hunt for the right criminal defense team; they may even end up finding someone who is tops in their field, allowing you to ultimately say to others you discovered the only DUI attorney I recommend in Las Vegas. No matter the attorney that ends up defending you, be sure to cooperate as much as possible (see more below) in your legal defense;
  • Be upfront – It is critical that you are as cooperative as possible in working with your legal representation. He or she is trying to limit the damages (financial, potential jail time, damage to your personal and professional reputations etc.), so work with them. Be honest about how you got into this situation in the first place. You might even find that you in fact were not drinking too much, but had some medication in your system that mixed with the alcohol. Yes, you should be aware of the dangers of combining the two, but point this out to your legal team if in fact it is true. If you have a clean legal record up to this point, this is another area to focus in on;
  • Potential fallout – Not only could you be looking at potential time behind bars with a DUI, but your life can change in a number of other ways. Your auto insurance is almost assuredly going to increase. You could find the DUI impacting your job or search for a job. Lastly, friends and even family may look at you and/or treat you differently following such a lapse in judgement. Make sure you act responsibly and accept the fallout from your decision to get behind the wheel while inebriated.

Given you already made one bad decision to drive while drunk, the next decision you make (selecting the right legal defense) is critical.

Don’t compound your earlier mistake by selecting the wrong DUI attorney.

He or she is there to assist you in your time of need, so make the most of the situation and choose wisely.

Millions of drivers come face-to-face with DUI charges on a regular basis, charges that can change their lives (and not for the better) for many years to come.

The key following a DUI charge is to have some standing in your corner, a DUI attorney willing to go to bat for you.


How A Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help You

Are you frustrated because you are unable to work? Denied Benefits? Want to find out if you qualify for Disability Benefits through Social Security. A proficient disability lawyer can help.

You may be disabled, but you still need health insurance and you have bills to pay. Social Security often try to make it difficult to receive disability benefits. There is no need to give up, or panic. You may be able to win your case if you have reliable Social Security Disability advocates on your side. Whatever your disability, wherever you live, a reputable firm like Myler Disability can help.

Eligibility for Social Security Disability

In order to qualify for Social Security Disability, you must be able to prove that you are medically disabled, and meet other eligibility requirements. If you are starting a new Social Security disability claim application, or you have been denied you need a lawyer to advise and guide you. Your lawyer will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have about Social Security disability eligibility and related issues.

Understand How Disability Benefits Work

It is important to understand how Social Security Disability works, the qualifications, qualifications and application processes. Only a small percentage of applications are approved the first time, so getting approved is not an easy task. Knowing the rules and using the services of an expert can greatly increase your chances of getting approved and winning a claim. That is why it is imperative that you have a good understanding of the process before filing a claim. A knowledgeable disability lawyer can explain how it works, and help you navigate the complicated process.

Denial of Disability Benefits

If your application for Social Security Disability is denied, you can appeal the decision. A request for a review of the denial must be made within 60 days of receiving the denial notice. In most states, you are required to start the appeal process by filing a Request for Reconsideration, which is a review of your file. If you are turned down again, you can file another appeal, by requesting a hearing with a judge who works for the Social Security.

Experienced Disability Lawyer

A competent disability lawyer can fight for you to ensure that you receive Social Security disability benefits you are entitled to. Reliable Social Security Disability lawyers focus their efforts on getting their clients the results they need in the most efficient way possible.

The team at Myler Disability has extensive experience in representing clients in Disability application process. What this means, is that they can advocate for you and help you win. Once you have an experienced Social Security disability lawyer on your side, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you will receive reliable advice.

Actions that Could Ruin Your Personal Injury Claim

There are 2.35 million people injured from car accidents annually in the U.S. Of all the personal injury cases related to motor vehicle accidents that are filed, only 61% are successful. While many victims would like to blame their lawyers for failing to get compensation for their injuries, clients are in many cases responsible for ruining their personal injury claims.

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If you’re filing a personal injury claim for a car accident, you should keep in mind that many of the decisions and actions you take during this period can affect the outcome of your case. Insurance companies won’t make you aware of these mistakes as they have their opportunity to low ball you.

The following are some critical things to be aware of that could ruin your personal injury claim.

  1. Giving the insurance company a taped statement

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, avoid talking to anyone else about it until you’ve contacted an attorney such as Sean Park Law for car accident representation.You should especially never give the insurance company of the defendant a taped statement. This can be used as evidence against you. If you make any critical error in your statement it cannot be revoked. It will be an error that you will regret for the rest of your life.

  1. Concealing prior injuries

Many people get greedy when they have the opportunity to get compensation for injuries from car accidents. They try to seek compensation for injuries that aren’t included in their medical statements. Some even conceal prior injuries and claim these injuries resulted from the car accident. This can hurt your credibility and cause your case to be thrown out.

  1. Not seeking medical treatment immediately

It is important to seek medical treatment as soon as possible following the accident. What many people think to be minor injuries can quickly turn into a significant problem if not attended to. There may be a chance that your injuries are as a result of not seeking medical attention as soon as possible. Your claim may not stand if you delayed treatment and your injuries worsened as a result.

  1. Not following the doctor’s orders

At this point, you should take the doctor’s orders as law and follow them to the letter. Insurance companies can easily overturn your claim if they can show that you didn’t follow the treatment that the doctor prescribed for you. They can use this simple bit of information to reduce your compensation or fail to give you compensation completely.

  1. Talking about your accident and injuries on social media

Many victims like to share their stories on social media. The problem with this is that their activity is being keenly watched by insurance companies. A slip of the tongue on social media can result in the ruin of your claim. Insurance companies can use your ranting on social media as evidence to have your claim overturned.

These simple actions can result in serious repercussions. Be sure to hire a lawyer and follow their guidance throughout the proceedings.