What Is a Sports Attorney and Do You Want to Be One?

It’s a glamorous idea; you are a top sports attorney for a range of high level and high performing athletes. You have three sports cars and four mansions around the world, and all that you have to do all day is make a few phone calls.

Sadly, this is just that – a glamorous idea. In reality, a sports attorney is constantly working to act as both manager and attorney as they represent the financial and personal interests of players, teams, and coaches.

While it can seem strange to think that there is an entire field of law devoted to sports, apart from their initial signing contract, a sports attorney is responsible for manager their client’s sponsorship and promotional contracts.

Management of these contracts begins even before negotiating happens. Throughout the year, a sports attorney will stay abreast of current market situations to know the true value of their client. A sports attorney who does not stay in touch with market trends and player value can lose money for their client, and in turn, themselves.

In addition, a sports attorney’s job is also to ensure that their client honours sponsorship contracts and product endorsements, similar to the products you will see on the Groupon Coupons page for Primesport. Often, the sponsor can place certain product placement requirements which the player or team are hesitant to complete.

Of course, a good sports attorney doesn’t limit their services to strictly game related law. Knowing the behaviour of high-level sporting athletes, most notable sports attorneys also handle separate legal areas such as marriage and divorce law, misdemeanor offenses, and traffic violations.

Even on paper, the job seems like a pretty good deal. Not everybody is cut out to be a sports attorney, however. In fact, it takes a certain type of person to successfully do the job. People who could consider themselves determined, ruthless, trustworthy and (believe it or not) charming would be well placed to become a sports attorney.

For those considering a career as a sports attorney, it is easy to see the appeal. However, it is important to remember two items. The first is that the job of a sports attorney is often very stressful and requires a lot of hard work and dedication. And secondly, before you can handle these high profile clients, you still need to graduate law school.