A Few Things about the Career of a Criminal Paralegal

The criminal law paralegals are an important part of the overall Toronto paralegal job. These paralegals offer assistance to both the prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys. Besides, they also offer various types of duties, which support the work of an attorney but these paralegals don’t possess the similar authority as the attorney and therefore they can’t represent any client.

Career description, common tasks and duties of a criminal law paralegal:

A criminal law paralegal Toronto can perform many of the similar jobs like as other paralegals like filing and drafting paperwork, corresponding with the clients, interviewing the possible co-defendants and witnesses and assisting to build cases against or for individuals on the basis of whether they work for a private law firm or for a district attorney. Criminal law Toronto paralegal, who works for any defense attorney, needs to complete the following jobs:

  • Prepare necessary arrangements to post bail
  • Interview the witnesses
  • File motions while requesting a decrease in the bond
  • Collect all the discovery information like as police reports, affidavits and search warrants
  • Complete required legwork to prepare for the plea bargains or for the change of a plea
  • Communicate with the probation officers
  • Write motions on various issues including request for an appeal or a new trial

Requirements and qualifications to become a criminal law paralegal:

A criminal law paralegal Toronto commonly needs to have a two or a four-year degree in paralegal training or criminal justice with the specialization in criminal law. But, these days, an increased number of organizations need the candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree. Besides, in some cases, the prospective criminal law paralegals also need to opt for the bachelor’s degree instead of any two years degree.

Career opportunities of a paralegal:

The private law firms are considered as the biggest employer of the paralegals while both the government and some other interest groups employ the rest. The advancement opportunities for the experienced criminal law paralegals include: managerial and administrative positions. Paralegals, who work for big sized law firms commonly, have more opportunities for advancement rather than the legal assistants, who work in the smaller firms.

Certification, specialization and experience are some of the factors, which determine the salary of the paralegals. Besides, paralegals with two or four years of degree with criminal law specialization would have a better scope of finding employment with higher salary structure.