Reasons why you shouldn’t drive with a revoked license or suspended license

If your license has been suspended for whatever reason, the best thing to do is NOT to drive! Driving with a suspended license is a serious offense in the State of Florida, and the law is strictly enforced. One of the main reasons for license suspension is a DUI conviction; if you receive a DUI ticket, you can hire a Florida DUI Lawyer to fight your case in court; remember, you’re not convicted when you get the ticket.

You can check online to see why your license is under suspension. You can contact the clerk of court in the county where your ticket was issued and find out how the suspension can be cleared. You may face the following serious consequences if you drive in spite of a suspended license:

  • If you’re driving with the knowledge that your license is suspended, there is a greater chance of you being nervous, and are more likely to make silly mistakes.
  • A police officer who flags you down in case you were say, speeding, and finds out that your license is under suspension, has discretionary powers to deal with the situation. This means that you can be arrested; at the least, you may receive a ticket with a citation for a court appearance.
  • Your car can be impounded by the officer stopping you if he finds out that your license has been suspended.
  • If you receive another ticket while your license is suspended, your insurance premiums may rise very steeply; in fact, your insurer may even categorize you as extremely high risk driver and refuse to insure you further.
  • Restoring the license is also more difficult; it may be suspended for a much longer time, and this kind of offense may paint you as a habitual traffic offender.
  • Financial implications are also bleak; you may need to pay very heavy fines, and also pay to get your car released from the impound and so on.

There are other ramifications: it’s an embarrassing thing to mention, and it may be mandatory to do so in certain situations. Some professions may require a license; in this case you’re denying yourself an opportunity to work.

The best course would be to hire a DUI Lawyer Miami to represent you in court and get your suspension cleared as early as possible. Have you been cited? Fight your ticket – call us today to know more!



Some Information about the California Traffic Ticket Lawyers

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