Finding a Personal Injury Lawyer in New York City

After suffering an injury, the last thing you may be thinking about is the idea of finding and hiring a personal injury lawyer. But because of the type of injury you’ve sustained, it’s most likely a necessary step in your recovery. This is because, often times, the other party involved (the one who caused your injury) has no plans to pay up and cover your medical expenses. This means that instead of being able to solely focus on healing and getting back to work and your everyday life, you’ll instead find yourself locked in a battle with the other party while trying to get them to cover the necessary damages. The best way to do this however, is to have a personal injury lawyer on your side as it is pretty much guaranteed that the defendant is going to have one or more lawyers at the ready.

New York City is a rather large city, which is great in many ways. One way is that the city plays hosts to numerous different attorney centers and offices including the office of Zlotolow and Associates, P.C. But how do you find a lawyer in the first place? What steps do you need to take? Take a look below for some more information.

Through friends and family

If you know of someone close to you that has been in the same situation or one very similar and has used a personal injury lawyer before, you’ll want to see if you can get that lawyer’s information. However, don’t do this if your loved one gives them a bad review, then you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Via social media outlets

Facebook, Google + and Twitter are fantastic ways to find local businesses. If fact, these days social media has become one of the most popular ways for business and firms to advertize their services and to reach out to potential customers and clients directly without having to go through an advertising agent.

The newspaper

Though some might consider newspapers to be outdated in a world of technology based news, they’re still very much used for advertisements, including those manufactured by attorney firms and agencies. Just take a look at your local newspaper and see if any of your local firms have a phone number listed. If they do, feel free to call them to ask more information about what they do and how they can help you.


In large cities such as New York City, billboards still play a big role in a company’s advertisement plan, as long as they can afford it. Though you may not be able to drive yourself, if you’re a passenger and happen to come across a few billboards, take a close look to see if one of them is for a lawyer. Even if the billboard doesn’t advertise the services of a personal injury lawyer, if it does for another type of lawyer, you still may want to call them as they might be able to refer you to one.

There are many easy and great ways to find a personal injury lawyer for your case; however it is important to note that not all lawyers are made the same. Avoid lawyers that seem too excited to gain your case and those who seem ill-equipped to handle one. It’s best to set up an initial consultation to find out if the lawyer you’re speaking with is the right one for you.