What Should You Do Right After The Car Accident Happened?

In the USA alone there are over 6 million car accidents that happen every single year. In many of the situations we are faced with just small property damage. However, in some of the cases we do have to deal with personal injuries. Whenever a personal injury appears, you want to call specialized car accident lawyers Tampa. That is going to help you deal with the situation. However, as soon as the accident happened, some things are really important. Always be sure you do the following.

Stop The Vehicle

If you are involved in the car accident, even if it is minor, you want to be sure you quickly stop. You do not want to leave the scene of any car accident without actually stopping the vehicle.

Be Sure The Scene Is Safe

The very first thing that will need to be done after you stop the car is to look at the people that were involved. Those that are present may be faced with an injury so you want to be sure the scene is safe. In order to avoid further collision danger, try to add warning lights or flares around the vehicles that are now stationary. Hazard warning lights need to always be on. If the highway is busy, be away from the oncoming traffic that is fast moving.

Emergency Service Contact

Always notify the police that an accident happened. This is necessary even if there are absolutely zero serious injuries that happened. When a fire appears, the fire services and the ambulance have to also be contacted. Always notify the police because you need that police report for your insurance company. Whenever possible, try not to move vehicles before police will arrive.

Take Some Photographs

When the vehicle is damaged, you want to take photographs as soon as possible. Also, be sure that you take photos of all the other vehicles that are involved. When injuries are visible, this is also a subject for photos. Unfortunately, it is so common that people ask for many more damages. Photographs basically prove what happened and you can dispute all the claims that are wrong. Just make sure you never stop the emergency services from doing their work. The same thing is important when referring to the police.

Go To The Doctor

A medical check up will always be necessary after the accident. This is necessary even in the event you do not think you suffered an injury. Sometimes you may have been injured and you know nothing about it. Be sure that you get checked up to identify potential problems like whiplash or spinal damage. These are hard to identify without the help of a doctor.

Seek Some Legal Advice

After you get checked out it is important that you look for legal advice. There are many cases in which the insurance companies simply want to pay you less than what is necessary. That is something that is so much more common than what you may believe. An attorney will always help you.